How to make ringtones for your iPhone! (It can be done!)

Are you tired of looking at your phone every time you hear that characteristic iphone text tone, only to realize it is the person across the room who also has a iphone. Being in a room full of iphones can be frustrating because all of the phones have the same ringtone for everything. Well today is your lucky day! Be different! Make any song in your itunes the ringtone you have always wanted!

Step One: Open Preferences in iTunes Menu (Or Edit for Windows users), Select General Tab, Select Import Settings and choose AAC Encoder for “Import Using” drop down menu. Then choose “OK”

Step Two: Choose a song (It may take a while because there are so many options!)

Step Three: Right click on the song and choose “Get Info”

Step Three: Choose Options, then enter the start and stop time you want for your ringtone (You want at least 40 secs). Then press “OK’

Step Four: Go to “Advanced” and click on “Create AAC Version”. It should appear under the original song, just a shorter duration.

Step Five: Right Click on AAC Version and Choose “Show in Finder”. For Windows users choose the Itunes folder under your music files.

Step Six: Copy the AAC ver of the song, then change the file extension of the copy from .m4a to .m4r (For windows if you do not see the file extension go to Tools->Folder Options->View and uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types”.

Step Seven: Go back to itunes and delete the first AAC clip you made (simply right click and choose delete)

Step Eight: Return to the file where your copy is (.m4r) and drap and drop it into your itunes (Or just choose “add to library”)

Step Nine: Now sync your phone with your iTunes by connecting your phone to the computer, clicking on your phone in iTunes, choosing the “Tones” tab and choosing “Sync Tones”.

Step Ten: Perform Happy Dance!

Shazaam you have a brand new ring tone and you can always make as many as you want!

**Warning: When I first did this my iTunes erased all of my music from my phone for some reason, so that may happen to you. However I simply replaced the music by syncing with my itunes again. I am a Mac user but it may happen to you so just be prepared!

Happy Syncing ^.^


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